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Rancho Banderas All Suite Resort Playa Destiladeras, MX

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
This traditional Mexican style villas range from 1 to 4 bedrooms, with full kitchen, dining room and large terrace. 
In the villas facing the sea you will appreciate the breathtaking view of the Pacific. Let yourself be pampered 
with the best service and the warmth that characterizes us while enjoying our four-level pool or sunbathing on the 
beach listening to the sound of the waves. Whether traveling as a family, with your partner or with friends, 
delight your palate with our gastronomic delights. Discover in Peppers, a beautiful high-rise restaurant that 
offers a window to paradise. I savored a variety of dishes à la carte and buffet and theme nights that will add a 
great diversity options so you can enjoy your evening with a panoramic view of the sea. Enjoy breathtaking views 
and romantic scenarios, ideal for couples to renew their vows, celebrate their wedding or honeymoon.





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